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Cutty Ayres Real Estate

Cutty Ayres Real Estate



We are a boutique real estate agency who can give you the best service at competitive rates, without compromising on results.


We service both the Eastern Suburbs area and the St. George area of Sydney, which are each vibrant areas in their own right.


Cutty Ayres Real Estate are honest, hard working, provide good old fashioned personal service and get results!


Our services include;


Selling your property


We also have our own licensed auctioneer, who can auction your property for you, should you wish to use that method of sale



We can manage your rented property for you



If you need help finding a property or simply don't have the time to do so, we are also a Buyers Agent and can help you find your dream property.


Contact Mary Anastasi, our Licensee in Charge for a free market appraisal today on (02) 9567 1253 or 0400 723318 or just chat with us about any of your real estate concerns.

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